Each year the winter project makes deliveries to locations where homeless people gather, including: food pantries; soup kitchens; temporary shelters and places where some sleep in the open in abandoned buildings, parks and alleyways. Each year on the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, Operation Chillout prepares a backpack or duffle bag for a man or woman filled with warm clothing, toiletries, survival gear and information about local resources. They are delivered to homeless people free of charge.


We collect and deliver cases of bottled water, T-shirts and baseball caps to homeless men, women and youth in the hot months of the summer and again after Labor Day.

All Year Long

Throughout the year Operation Chillout conducts ‘street sweeps’ in impoverished areas to identify homeless populations. It provides training, spiritual formation and ‘street retreats’ for volunteers interested in serving its many projects and certification for groups wanting to become member partners.