A Look Inside A Local Homeless Camp

By Chris Lundy – February 27, 2017

HOWELL – It’s quiet, walking into the homeless camp in Howell. Most of them are at work.

That’s the contradiction that Minister Steve Brigham, who looks after the camp, wants to be known. Not everyone who is homeless has substance abuse or other issues. Poverty comes from not having enough to afford rent or a mortgage in a very expensive world, he said. Even working for $12 an hour, there are no inexpensive homes in the area. Poor people have, in essence, been zoned out.

Joe is a contractor, who does maintenance on a per diem basis. He gets picked up in the morning at the camp. Nancy and Jack ride their bikes into Lakewood and clean schools. Kevin cuts down trees, when his injured back allows it. Carlos stocks shelves. Igor is older and isn’t currently employed.

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